National Physicians’ Day – Celebrating doctors today and every day

April 29, 2022

On May 1, we celebrate National Physicians’ Day acknowledging the birthday of Dr Emily Stowe; Canada’s first female physician to practice. Today, we pause to honour Dr Stowe, and all the extraordinary doctors before and after, who serve the medical profession in BC and across Canada.

In hospitals, family health offices and centres, long-term care homes, intensive care units, vaccination clinics and many other facilities, doctors show up to care for their patients and help build a stronger health care system. Today and everyday, we recognize and appreciate the many roles you play in our society; you are our healers, educators, leaders, innovators and activists for change.

In a new series called Our Stories, Doctors of BC is proud to share the life changing events and unique emotional journeys of our BC doctors. In the series shared on our website and social media platforms, doctors share stories of inequities and hope, struggles with anxiety, the importance of effective longitudinal care, lessons from the pandemic and much more.

The stories portray the human side of doctors and remind us of the sacrifice of our health care heroes who have shown unwavering and inspiriting dedication to saving lives these last two years.  

This video highlights just a few of the doctors making a real difference in our province. We know the challenges you face every day and that the past two years have been even more difficult, yet you continue to persevere and put your patients first. Thank you doctors for showing incredible selflessness, courage, and compassion despite unimaginable challenges. Your commitment to your patients is an inspiration to all of us. We celebrate you for the hope and the health you bring to our communities.