Meet your 2019-2020 Doctors of BC Board

May 31, 2019

The Representative Assembly (RA) has elected one new member and has re-elected three members to the Doctors of BC Board of Directors.

The 2019-2020 Board will be comprised of:

  • Dr Kathleen Ross – President (Family Physician)
  • Dr Matthew Chow – new Board member - President-Elect (Specialist)
  • Dr Adam Thompson – newly elected to a 2-year term (Family Physician)
  • Dr Jeff Dresselhuis – continues his term (Family Physician)
  • Dr Lawrence Welsh – continues his term (Family Physician)
  • Dr Barb Blumenauer – re-elected to a 2-year term (Specialist)
  • Dr Lloyd Oppel – re-elected to a 2-year term (Specialist)
  • Dr Andrew Yu – re-elected to a 1-year term (Specialist)

A special election to be held later this year will fill the vacancy created by Dr Tommy Gerschman who resigned from the Board to become President of Specialists of BC.

The Board is the decision-making and strategy-setting body. It maintains  legal fiduciary and oversight responsibilities, and is accountable to the Representative Assembly and the entire membership. More information on the roles of the Board and RA can be found here.