Free to speak up and speak out: new policy statement

June 30, 2017

Everyone, no matter where they work or who they work with, should be able to speak out, offer feedback, or introduce new ideas without fear of reprisal, embarrassment, or ridicule. Psychological safety is best described as an environment where people feel safe to speak up about workplace concerns, advocate for others, or ask for help.  

In the health care environment, tensions inevitably arise. Doctors of BC has developed a policy statement, Promoting Psychological Safety for Physicians, that advocates for psychologically safe workplaces where physicians and other health care providers are encouraged to speak out on issues they feel important. Doctors of BC commits to working with the BC Ministry of Health, health authorities, and other stakeholders to implement policies that encourage advocacy by physicians, promote inclusive management practices,  support fairness in dispute resolution systems, and improve the experience of care for physicians.

For more information, and to read the policy statement, please click here.