DTO resources: Using dictation software in medical practices

March 26, 2020

Research shows that using dictation software to prepare medical records results in more accurate, detailed, and concise documentation compared to manual data entry using a keyboard and mouse. A new resource – Using Dictation Software in Medical Practices – provides support for physicians who are in the process of adopting dictation software or considering making the transition. 

A collaborative effort between the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC’s Physician Practice Enhancement Program, the new guide outlines important information including:

  • Benefits of dictation software (with journal references).

  • Types of dictation software. 

  • Implementation planning for practices transitioning from a manual system.

  • Questions to ask dictation software vendors when deciding which dictation offering best suits your practice.While adopting dictation software may require initial set up and ongoing subscription expenses, many practices have found the cost to be outweighed by: 

  • Improved patient care enabled by more accurate documentation. 

  • More efficient documentation process leading to long-term savings. 

Practices who would like assistance with planning dictation software implementation, improving usage of their current system, or engaging with vendors are invited to contact the Doctors Technology Office at .

Doctors Technology Office is funded by Doctors of BC and the BC government through the General Practice Services Committee.