Doctors as leaders in healthcare change – presentation to Select Standing Committee on Health

July 12, 2016

Collaboration is the key to success when it comes to bringing about positive change to health care. That’s why BC’s doctors are engaged with government on ground-breaking joint initiatives that are changing the face of health care and improving the quality of patient care.

In a recent presentation to the BC government’s Select Standing Committee on Health, President Dr Alan Ruddiman shared doctors’ views on how to improve BC’s health care system. He focused on two key areas of interest to the Committee – primary care and rural care. He gave examples of how ongoing collaborative work, through initiatives such as Divisions of Family Practice and the Medical Staff Associations, supports recruitment and retention of physicians in rural areas and helps physicians develop grassroots solutions to local health care challenges. These joint initiatives are funded through the Physician Master Agreement as negotiated between Doctors of BC and the provincial government. 

To read Dr Ruddiman’s speech in full click here.

You can find more information on our collaborative programs on our website under Working for Change.