Call for Nominations for Doctors of BC and Canadian Medical Association Awards

September 23, 2015

Please consider this opportunity to honor colleagues, mentors, teachers and pioneers for their contributions to the medical profession, by nominating individual(s) for these prestigious awards, and encourage members in your districts to submit nominations.  

All relevant nominations forms can be found on our website here.


Doctors of BC Awards

Doctors of BC is now accepting nominations for the following awards:

  1. Doctors of BC Silver Medal of Service Award 

    The Doctors of BC Silver Medal of Service is awarded to physicians or non-physicians who have made outstanding contributions to medicine and / or improving the welfare of British Columbians. Physician nominees must have 25 years of membership in good standing with Doctors of BC, the CMA, and the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia non-medical candidates may be of Canadian or foreign citizenship. Criteria for the award include one of the following:

    • Outstanding contributions to medicine and/or to the welfare of the people of British Columbia or Canada, or

    • Outstanding contributions to medicine and/or medical/political involvement in British Columbia or Canada, or

    • Long and distinguished service to Doctors of BC

  2. Dr Don Rix Award for Physician Leadership (D.B. Rix Award)

    Established in memory of the late Dr Donald Rix for his many achievements and exemplary physician leadership exhibited throughout his life and career, this award recognizes lifetime achievement so outstanding as to serve as an inspiration and a challenge to the medical profession in British Columbia. Nominees may have achieved distinction in one or more of the following ways:

    • Supported lifelong learning opportunities.

    • Promoted excellence in medical education.

    • Built consensus among physicians and groups of physicians.

    • Provided leadership for new initiatives both in business and clinical practice.

    • Provided leadership and service to the general community or province either by direct support or through philanthropy.

    • Provided service to the medical profession through participation in Doctors of BC.

    • Provided leadership to the broader medical community.

    • Participated in legislative and other political activities in support of health care.

  3. CMA Honorary Membership Award 

    Honorary membership to the Canadian Medical Association goes to BC doctors who, at the age of 65, having been active members of the association for at least 10 years. Recipients must also have been nominated by their provincial/territorial medical associations and have had their nominations approved unanimously by the Board of Directors of the CMA. The nominees are held in high regard by their colleagues; they are humanitarians who have put into practice the aims and ideals of our profession. They are people who exemplify the words of the CMA Coat of Arms: "Integritate et misericordia” - integrity and compassion


All nominators and nominees must be a member in good standing of the Doctors of BC.


Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Awards

The CMA is accepting nominations for the following awards


All CMA award nominations must be received by the CMA by November 30, 2015 and any self-nominations are ineligible.