Doctors of BC and CMA support med students with residency interview prep event

January 9, 2020

Before medical students become resident doctors responsible for patients, performing surgery, delivering results, or diagnosing issues, they must first interview for a residency placement and be matched by the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). CaRMS uses an algorithm to match each applicant to the residency program that they rank highest on their CaRMS rank list that has a spot available for them. The CaRMS interview process is a critical time for students, shaping their future lives as doctors. 

On January 4, 2020, Doctors of BC and the CMA brought students together for annual CaRMS Mock Interviews. Students took part in 20 group sessions over the day held at the Doctors of BC offices in Vancouver. The mock interviews provide students an opportunity to answer practice questions from resident doctors who have recently been through the process. Students experience actual CaRMS interview questions and have the opportunity to ask residents questions of their own such as what to expect, how to pack, and any tips and tricks.

The feedback from students throughout the day was overwhelmingly positive with participants saying, “Thank you so much, this was amazing. It really got me thinking about how to approach my interviews,” and “This was so awesome, thank you for organizing this event!” This is the fifth year the CaRMS Mock Interviews event has been held in BC and is one of a series of events Doctors of BC runs to support our members throughout their careers. It is another example of how Doctors of BC is supporting our doctors of tomorrow.