Bylaw Amendment seeks to clarify wording relating to electronic/digital AGMs and other member meetings

February 5, 2021

A referendum to amend the Doctors of BC Constitution and Bylaws is now out for member voting. The proposal seeks to provide certainty and clarity in the Bylaws related to electronic or digital meetings and amends the notice period for the Annual General Meeting.  It also modifies the terms of office positions and recognizes that there is now only one CMA Divisional Director, as well as to provide the Representative Assembly with authority to increase or decrease the amount of the membership dues.

Voting opened the morning of Friday, February 5, 2021 and will close at 11:59 PM February 26, 2021. All ordinary members in good standing will have received the CEO’s Notice on February 4th via email, and the email invitation to vote from our third-party vendor, ElectionBuddy, on February 5th.

Explanatory information on the proposed changes can be accessed on the ElectionBuddy voting website. 

Members can expect to receive several follow-up emails reminding them to vote, until their vote has been cast.

Should you not receive your email invitation from ElectionBuddy, or have technical difficulties accessing the voting site or logging in, please contact ElectionBuddy directly at or Doctors of BC at .