An amazing amount of effort has gone into creating this guide, in a short time frame, to help BC physicians safely expand their “professional bubble” and move forward opening offices to an increasing number of in-person visits.

This guidance document should be considered a launching point, further informed by the unique needs of each of our respective specialties, patient care needs, and service deliverables. At the core, is the need to keep ourselves, our staff, our patients, their families, and our communities safe. 

Ongoing discussion and a broader conversation is encouraged. What is the “New Normal”? It is anything but normal in the true sense of the word, and we have a unique opportunity to work together as physicians, supported by Doctors of BC, with the regulatory agencies that govern our actions (CPSBC), the partnership tables we so richly enjoy (GPSC, SSC, SCC and JSC), and government that funds health care to build a better, more timely, more effective health care system that will serve the needs of everyone. This new normal should be a blend of virtual care wherever appropriate and in-person care when essential for clinical purposes. 

Until an effective vaccine is introduced we must remain diligent. Just because we have low numbers in BC, doesn’t mean we can step back and reverse course. We have low numbers because of the precautions we have all taken. Our continued use of PPE, when necessary, constant cleaning and disinfecting, keeping patients and staff six feet apart…these actions, and more, are an immutable fact of the times we live in.

There will be ongoing refinement, adaptation, and realignment of all our safety processes as we learn more about the everchanging threat from Coronavirus and other emerging pathogens – and this guide will update along with it. 

In the immortal words of Dr Henry, “be calm, be kind, be safe.” We add to that our wish that we all seek out our colleagues and support them in this new and changing world.