Going Green at Doctors of BC

Going Green

Doctors of BC, like many organizations around the province, as well as a great number of physicians, is concerned about climate change and what shape our world will be in 10, 20, or 100 years from now. Not content to shrug our shoulders and let others take responsibility for our future, we have made the conscious effort to make our own difference, no matter how small in the big scheme of things, one step at a time, one person at a time, one organization at a time.

Some activities can easily be implemented at nominal cost (recycling), others are more difficult (going paperless). Doctors of BC has taken this issue seriously for a good few years and continues to limit what gets sent to the landfill, reduce our power usage, and curb our usage of single use plastics, among a number of other green pursuits. We’re proud of our accomplishments, but we are never ones to settle, so with each new year we take a look at where improvements can be made.

Here are the things that Doctors of BC is doing right now to reduce our carbon footprint and help make the world a better place for our collective future:

  • Going%20GreenEnergy efficient office lighting with motion sensors – these are throughout the building, in every office, and in all common areas including the washrooms and hallways
  • Waste management – every kitchen area in the building has a series of recycling bins, including organics. In fact, staff are hard pressed to find a garbage can, instead we are challenged to responsibly recycle our discards
  • All broken, outdated, or discarded electronics are collected and sent out to be dismantled for the recovery of their raw materials. This includes a large cross section of batteries
  • We use a single caterer to cater the many physician meetings taking place at the office – (The Lazy Gourmet) which prioritizes sustainability initiatives in every aspect of its business
  • Installation of filtered drinking water systems have eliminated the need to purchase bottled water for meetings
  • We recycle all ink and toner cartridges from our copy machines and printers
  • Installation of Zoom video conferencing abilities in boardrooms and on each staff member’s computer allows for seamless remote meeting options that reduces the need to travel
  • Transit program for staff encourages the use of public transportation
  • Gym, showers, and bike storage encourage commuting by bike
  • A dedicated, free parking spot is available for staff who carpool 

This year we are looking into:

  • Implementing a digital workflow structure to reduce staff use of paper
  • Purchasing annual carbon offsets. This will be based on the carbon footprint of the work taking place inside the building, as well as member travel for Doctors of BC business
  • Developing a Green Team that will be tasked with looking at future green options and monitoring the ones already in place to ensure they remain effective and efficient

We will continue to update this page. For members intent on greening their offices, we will provide a list of resources to assist in this work.

Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. We can still live the way we want to live, and do it without wasting anything. - Sir Richard Attenborough